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BLOCK D - Impressionism through Surrealism starts Sept 12 via ZOOM

BLOCK E - Modern through Contemporary starts Oct 24 via ZOOM


ART BLOCKS 2023 is progressing through a years’ worth of self-enrichment, the BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS of western ART HISTORY. No Art History background necessary.

Inspiration came from a gentleman, who after his first ART BLOCKS class, declared “I wish I would have taken these classes years ago. How rich my life and traveling could have been!”  


Well, It’s never too late!

Following a new format, ART BLOCKS 2023 will run continuously for 18 weeks in the Spring and pick up in the Fall for 12 more weeks. Caveman through Contemporary. Conversational. FUN!

Classes are presented via ZOOM, with several museum field trips throughout the year.

Classes will be on Tuesday mornings from 9-11, Kansas City time, CST

January 31- May 30, 
and September 12- November 28.

Recorded classes will be available for 2 weeks after each class.

ART BLOCKS 2023 is priced at $500 for the entire year, a savings of $125. 
You may also join us for any 6-week BLOCK for $125.


Responses from happy students:


"One of my FAVORITE things in the universe the last few years has been taking Donna Houtteman's art history classes.... I'm not exaggerating when I say that everyone can benefit from and enjoy these classes! I just signed up for two of them, both offered on ZOOM, so anyone, anywhere can join in."

"Thanks, Donna, for doing this class online.  It’s nice to connect with people and it’s a huge plus to have something to look forward to.   I thought I learned as much in the online class as I would in the classroom - maybe missing a little student interaction - but, all things considered, certainly worth it.  Thanks again and I will see you next week.”  


"Ed and I really enjoyed today's online class! Your presentation was engaging and we are so excited to visit Florence with you. We love the way you include history, art, maps, sites and food. Looking forward to next week."


"Donna – thanks for a great way to spend the morning.”


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or you may fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 913.649.5695


Thanks for submitting!

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