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“Delighted to be in the class with you as our instructor.  Love your spirit, your energy, and your knowledge!” ~Chip and Anita

“In Art Blocks, I’ve had art wash over me and it’s in my brain and gotten me hungry for more information.”  ~ Julia

“We just got home and needed to tell you immediately how we appreciated your tour.  Your knowledge is so impressive, but even more impressive is your joy in telling
about it.” ~ Carol and Terry

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class and appreciate all the work that goes into presenting it…Your enthusiasm is infectious.” ~Susan

“Because of your enthusiasm and the way you made the paintings and history come to life, I got infinitely more out of my trip.  Thank you!!!   ~Dena

" I can’t believe how much I have learned.  It has been a great intro into the art world… Your enthusiasm for the subject was really contagious. It wouldn’t have been such a fun class with any other teacher." ~Gina

I told my husband that, of all the teachers I’ve had in my lifetime (and that's A LOT!) I would rank you at the top!  Thank you for being knowledgeable and engaging!”  ~Mickie

“Donna found the perfect balance of presenting the course content and keeping things informal and fun." ~student

"This is a wonderful class. With little prior knowledge of art history, these presentations were exiting! I am stimulated to dig deeper into the context of art history. Well done!" ~John 

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